Who We Are

New Legacy Consulting, LLC is an organization dedicated to shifting the way people run and manage their businesses. We transform people who desire success in business into people who are successful in business, while living life the way it was meant to be lived – with people who love them.

The name of our organization is not a mistake: New Legacy Consulting. We all leave a legacy – it’s our responsibility to make sure it’s a good one. It’s time to start building a legacy that isn’t dependent on “things” that don’t matter, but instead, on things that will positively influence, guide, and lead others even after you are gone.

Our goal is to help businesses and business owners embrace the mindset of building a legacy as they develop and implement positive change within their business. Our approach demands that organizational leaders consider the idea that “legacy is more than just the business you leave behind”. Legacy impacts everyone – from the business you manage to your friends and family outside of the office.  Simply stated, we partner with businesses to develop a “legacy mindset” in everything they do while helping prevent burnout and promote perspective-focused living.

There’s a New Legacy out there just waiting for you to create it.

Cameron Ginger

Cameron Ginger - Cameron has dedicated the past fifteen years of his life to coaching and developing others. Through several mediums, he has served as both teacher and coach to all ages alike. He has partnered and helped develop hundreds of young people in fulfilling the climax of their aspirations, goals, and dreams. He has a strong history of launching start-up businesses and has a deep level of experience in managing both small and large non-profit organizations.

Cameron possesses the unique ability to connect with people in a meaningful way and propel them into growth. His ability to see and understand a wide range of generational perspectives allows him to influence and lead people of all ages towards common solutions. He is a development expert that specializes in transforming ideas into highly thriving realities. He lives for people and the relationships that come with them. He passionately helps provide solutions to resolve the obstacles that prevent opportunities from becoming reality for leaders.

Jim Peters

Jim Peters - As a Senior Manager for a Fortune 100 Company for over a quarter of a century, Jim has learned skills related to people development, operational efficiency, continuous improvement actions that impact the customer and employee experience, and organizational success. Jim has an Associates Degree in Business Management, a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Behavior, and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership & Change Management.

Jim has spent almost his entire life running circles through corporate America in an attempt to find what he perceived as happiness. Somewhere along the way, he learned that happiness is not tied to the amount of money you make, titles you hold, or by trying to impress the next level of management. He has learned that joy is found in giving time and money to fulfill the needs of others while teaching your loved ones how to build a legacy that will benefit the community at large.